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Reimagining city exploration

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Sophie Chen, Caffrey Fielding, Yvonne Wang, and Aishwarya Bagaria


Ideation, User Research & Testing, Prototyping, and Branding


3 Weeks


Travel is a huge part of our lives. Whether it is to commute to work or for leisurely purposes, it takes up a significant portion of our time. Usually, with travel the concern is from getting from point A to B. However, we decided to analyse and rethink the journey in-between.


Since travel is such a broad field, we focused specifically on the idea of exploration. Based on research, design, and user testing we developed a mobile application that promotes users to get out of their daily routine and explore new locations in the city they live in. 

Create a trip for you.

Set your mood, time, budget, and number of friends to create the ideal experience for yourself.

How did we get here?

A walkthrough of our initial research process to ultimately identify the user and market needs and opportunities.

Hover through each stage to explore more

Target Users

Frame 31.png

Identifying a target audience helped us focus our research early in the process.

User Persona

Updated user persona copy_220x.png

Studying the needs of a specific user helped in the initial stages to ultimately apply them to the larger audience.

Initial Journey Map

emotional journey map_220x.png

Creating a journey map was useful in identifying key pain points and potential to them transform into product opportunities.

Pain Points

Frame 32.png

So you must be wondering...well! What are the pain points you identified?


How might we promote users to get out of their routine and provide a more accessible, convenient, and enjoyable experience to explore the new places.

The fun part!

From Concept to Reality

Why an App?

Through our research process, we learned that most people primarily use their phones to discover new places and navigate to locations. Therefore, based on the user needs we identified, we began to develop a mobile application that promotes users to get out and explore in the city they live in.

UX Blueprint

Artboard 1_220x.png

To gain an understanding of the interaction and connection between all the stakeholders in our system. 

To the Sketchbook!

Frame 6.png

We discovered the users love to walk and discover new locations. Therefore a key element was to provide general navigation, but ultimately allowing the user to explore and discover.

Information Architecture


Other than sounding cool, it's actually quite useful in mapping out the navigation experience of the app.

Let's Test it Out

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 10.12.17.png
Frame 7.png
Frame 9.png
Frame 16.png

Remember Hank? So how would he use Dot Dot Dot


Time Management

The process of doing so taught me a lot about time management and the stages that go behind user testing - especially when deciding what features to prioritise and what seemed important only to a niche group of users.

Designing for Reality

This project taught me a lot about how to conceptualise and develop a system that could potentially be implemented in the real world.

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