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Entertaining . Motivating . Safe



Wonil Choi and Aishwarya Bagaria


Ideation, Journey Mapping, User Research & Testing, and Branding


3 Weeks


More people are becoming aware of the importance of health and fitness in their daily lives, however, maintaining a healthy regime can be difficult. This led us to explore what can we implement in the gym to create a safe, entertaining, and motivating workout experience?


Based on weeks of research, designing, and user testing we developed a system for cardio machines with several features to ensure that users are overall receiving a mentally and physically beneficial gym experience.

Bluetooth connection with your personal device to allow for a seamless login experience.

How did we get here?

A walkthrough of our initial research process to ultimately identify the user and market needs and opportunities.

Hover through each stage to explore more.

Fly on the Wall


We began our research by visiting the gym during various days and times and observed how users interacted with the space. 



We noticed the following trends at the gym.

User Persona


Narrowing down our observations into 4 keys insights to help focus our research.

We studied a general user to further investigate user needs.

Key Insights


Journey Map


We developed a journey map to analyse various touchpoints and key pain points.


Tries to access entertainment unit features but gives up

Create a seamless sign up / log in experience

Less time-consuming sign-up / log in experience.

Allow guest users to access features

Sees her friend running faster and raises the speed.

Sharing workout features to motivate users.

A nudging feedback feature to keep users motivated.

Notes down distance covered on her phone

Workout tracking feature integrated into the system.

System providing workout goals based on each performance.

Reminders on health and safety

Staying hydrated.

Working out within user’s ability.

Warm up / cool down before and after workouts.

The fun part!

From Concept to Reality

Why a cardio machine system?

Through our research we noticed that people usually require some source of entertainment while using cardio machines, however the current system within these machines aren't being used to their full potential. Therefore, we will use the cardio machine system as a medium to develop a more entertaining and motivating gym experience.

Based on the insights gathered from our research process, we identified the following design opportunities.

design areas.png

Developing the Initial Concepts

Concept Sketches 


Initial sketches how different touchpoints on the cardio machines based on our opportunity areas.

Digital Mockups


Transforming our sketches into low fidelity prototypes to use for initial testing.

User Testing


Our first round of testing was to better understand which features stood out to our users.

Information Architecture

After testing out which features and in the system seems most important to the user, we developed an information architecture to help develop a more comprehensive prototype of the system.


Mid-Fidelity Prototype


Another Round of Testing

After developing the mid-fidelity prototype, we wanted to get feedback on our product in an actual gym setting. The insights gathered were refined and then used to develop the final prototype.

We tested out:

  • the login experience

  • whether the AI assistant was too obtrusive during the workout

  • how effective were the motivational features



Staying Focussed

There were moments in the process when the user research can get so interesting that you just want to continue the analysis even though it may immediately result in a final product. But when a deadline is approaching, it was important to step back and just select a small area to focus on to develop further.

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