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Samsung Design & Innovation Center


Visual Design Intern


14 Weeks

During the summer of 2020 I worked remotely as a Visual Design intern at the Samsung Design & Innovation Center in San Franciso. I worked on a variety of projects and was exposed to different forms of UX. Nonetheless, my largest takeaway was the importance of storytelling, especially when pitching concepts for future visions. 

Some fun projects I got to work on

MacBook Pro - 13.png

User experience feature ideas for an operating system, which is to be implemented in the next mobile device. 

MacBook Pro - 14.png

Brainstorm sessions with the team in Korea for the next augmented reality glasses

MacBook Pro - 15.png

Visual interface designs for the mobile app to support concepts being developed for future earbuds.

MacBook Pro - 16.png

Lots and lots of pitch decks which were distributed to internal and external company stakeholders.

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