Headphones Design

Tools Used: Solidworks

The challenge was to design a pair of wireless, Bluetooth headphones on Solidworks. My approach to this challenge was to design a pair of headphones for the luxury market.



Analysing current headphones to gain an understanding of the general features required in my design and find a gap in the market.


Market Analysis

From my market analysis, the headphones in the luxury market share a common aesthetic, which is a very simple and sleek design. Additionally, an added value to the price point is the fact that each design has a unique usability feature to it, for example, touch controls. Therefore, I will design a pair of headphones that can compete in this market through the headphone's design and by adding more usability features. 



To give a sense of direction when designing the aesthetic of the headphones.

Artboard 1.png

I took apart an existing pair of wireless, Bluetooth headphones to gain an understanding of what the internals of the headphones are and how they connect, and also to understand the general scale of the product.

Artboard 1@220x.png

During the ideation process, my main goal was to make the location and usability of controls on the headphones more intuitive.



After gaining feedback from users who use headphones everyday the most positive response was towards the design that included a large knob to change the volume more easily, and to combine it with the idea of detachable earphones so that users can have two products in one device. 

Final Design

CAD Drawing 


Press to release earphones.

Charge earphones when using headphones.

Easy to fold.

Artboard 1 copy 10.png

Colour Options



Product Features

The process of designing a product and every working component inside was a great way for me to not only develop my CAD skills, but also gain knowledge on the inner workings of an electric product. To develop this project further, it could be interesting to rethink how the number of components could be reduced to make the design more modular and sustainable. Although this project was more focused on the CAD model, it would be useful to develop the design into physical prototypes and also conduct user testing to gain feedback on the idea and design.