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App Design Concept

Tools Used: Physical Prototyping and Illustrator

The project was to design a delivery system for fruits. We had to develop a creative design for the box packaging and ensure that it appeared unique and whilst also being able to withstand movement from the delivery transportation.

Team: Cissy Luo, Nicole Lee, Aishwarya Bagaria

I helped with the packaging design from the concept to final prototype stage as well as branding development through colour palettes and logo designs.

With an increasingly busy schedule of working professionals oftentimes people compensate work over health. With a large amount of beneficial nutritional value in fruits, we challenged ourselves to design a solution that promotes people to choose a healthier alternative in their eating habits.


Usually, people make unhealthy decisions with their snacks. Therefore, we developed a hypothetical subscription-based company that provides 100% fruit snacks. The packaging of the box can be reused and the small snack packets have been designed to be easy to open and eat from when users are on-the-go. 

Design Solution

How did we get here?


There is a large market of healthy snacks subscription companies already out there. Which is why it was important to identify whether there is a market gap, and understand what the user wants to develop the ideal product for them. 


The key factors for the design of our packaging were that it had to be unique, durable, sustainable, and easy to use when travelling around the city.



Final Prototype

We designed the exterior packaging to be reused - so the user would pick their snacks and then have it delivered to their home every week. Then at the end of the week they would be required to return the box so that it can be refilled for the next week. 

Moreover, the design of the resealable snack packets were origami-inspired because it was the most efficient form to open and eat from when on-the-go. 


After completing the challenge of creating a packaging design with my team I wanted to take the brand and idea of a subscription service further. Therefore, I developed a concept for an app through which the users can select and purchase snacks, as well as manage their subscription. 



Overall, my favourite part of this project was the opportunity to create a brand identity and then develop work that communicates that identity through packaging design, typography, colour schemes etc. All the work presented was created in a very short time span, of 2 weeks, therefore if I were to develop the project further I would love to go through more design iterations based on feedback from potential users.

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